My name is Rodrigo Bandeira Wolf, founder of R. Wolf Fine Jewelry. I'll begin by talking about my first steps in the jewelry industry.
     My family has been in the jewelry industry since the 1950's. My uncle Dino Ribeiro is a legendary master jeweler which opened many doors for me.
     In 1996, I was fourteen years old living in São Paulo, Brazil, my hometown. Eduardo Wolf, my uncle, owned and managed a workshop in the jewelry district in downtown São Paulo, the same place where my father, older brother, and two aunts also worked.
     I spent a lot of time at that workshop with my family and met people who later became of crucial importance in my life.
     I really wanted an apprentice position under Wanderley de Castro, a highly regarded Diamond Setter Specialist who worked mostly on special orders from big names in the industry such H. Stern and many designers.
I needed to convince Wanderley to accept me as an apprentice. After bugging him every week for four months, he finally accepted me.
     It was a very long learning process. It took two years of full-time training before I was granted a gold and diamond jewelry job for the first time. It was my graduation!
     I want to thank Wanderley de Castro for investing in me. Without him, I wouldn't be where I am today.
     I worked there until the day I left for the USA in 2003 to join both of my uncles, Dino, and Eduardo. Both of them came to the USA many years before me.
     It was the first time working together with both of my uncles. Later my brother Renan Wolf joined us. We formed a great team of jewelers, making the most creative and impressive jewelry I could imagine. At that time I worked exclusively for Haiel Suwaity.
     After six years working together making those amazing pieces, we decided to branch out.
     I was then very fortunate to join Ashland Investments. Under the late Mr. Richard Gilbert's guidance, I started restoring gold antique pocket watches.
     Mr. Gilbert became a fundamental person in my life. On the professional side, he exposed me to challenging situations where I needed to overcome my limitations and gave me opportunities to explore and grow. On the personal side, he always gave me wise advice as a friend. Mr. Gilbert was an extraordinary human being that is very much missed. May his soul rest in peace.
     Ten years after arriving in this country, I'm proud to say that in 2013 I opened my own business creating fine jewelry.
     There is so much more I have to say, and so many more people I have to thank. I will continue to work on this text, but in the meantime, I want to thank
Wanderley de Castro from Castro Joias.
Dino Ribeiro from Dino's Workshop.
Eduardo Wolf from Wolf Jewelry.
Richard Gilbert and the Gilbert family from Ashland Investments.
Amir Chokr and the Chokr family from the Diamond Vault.
Richard Sherwood from Sherwood's of Sarasota.
Jeremy Thayer from Thayer Jewelers.
Bruce Crissy and Carol Crissy from Cryssy Galleries.

Thanks everyone!